Watts Model TK-DL Backflow Preventer Test Kit

Manufacturer: Watts Regulators

Model Number: Watts-Model-TK-DL-Backflow-Preventer-Test-Kit

$8,700.00 USD
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Model TK-DL Backflow Preventer Test Kit with Download Capability is a compact portable device made for testing pressure vacuum breakers, reduced pressure zone assemblies, and double check valve assemblies. It consists of three six-foot color-coded hoses, a set of brass adapters, digital print-out unit, set of NiCad batteries, AC battery charger, a carrying case with shoulder strap, an operating manual, an RS232 serial port, and a computer cable and software for downloading and storing test results to a PC system. The Model TK-DL self-calibrates prior to each test and provides +/-0.2% accuracy in addition to printed, on-site documentation. It comes with a full one-year warranty.

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