Rovanco Containment Pipe

Manufacturer: Rovanco

Model Number: Rovanco Containment Pipe


Federal and State Environmental Protection Agencies as well as OSHA requirements for underground tanks and piping both above and below ground are changing the way many hazardous and toxic materials are being transported in piping systems. Rovanco's many years of experience providing its Insul-8 factory manufactured, pre-insulated piping systems have enabled us to develop a complete system to meet this market need.

Rovanco Containment PipeĀ® has been developed to provide a means to contain fluids that may leak out of a primary pipe, preventing the material from endangering personnel or contaminating the soil, ground water or air.

Typical uses of Rovanco Containment Pipe include oil, natural gas, chemicals, solvents, process waste, gasoline and acid transfer lines.

Our design and manufacturing experience coupled with a wide selection of both carrier and jacket materials makes Rovanco the ideal source for Containment Piping Systems.

Rovanco's marketing surveys have shown that 87% of the fluids and gases requiring containment can be transported in either the Rovanco PVC Containment Pipe System or the Rovanco Steel Containment Pipe System. Both systems are available with the added features of:

Insulation: Many Containment Pipe Systems require insulation to maintain the temperature of the fluid being transported. Rovanco can provide the same high quality Insul-8 pre-insulated options for the Containment Pipe that it has provided for thousands of miles of Pre-Insulated Piping Systems.

Heat Tracing: When temperature variance will affect the performance of the system, Rovanco will provide heat tracing components integrated into the Containment Pipe System. We can calculate the BTU loss on a piping system in a matter of minutes using the latest industry software.

Leak Detection: The EPA requires that some materials be both contained and monitored. Rovanco has Leak Monitoring and Detecting Systems that are suitable for use with its Containment Pipe Systems.

The Rovanco Continuous Wire System allows for pinpoint location of leaks if required.

The Rovanco Pit System offers leak detection at intervals in the system. Where location requirements are less stringent, this system provides economical performance.

Multiple Pipe Systems: Rovanco Containment Pipe Systems are manufactured with more than one inner pipe when several products are being conveyed to the same location. Often carrier pipes are made of different materials. Rovanco's special supports are capable of guiding and supporting the pipes allowing them to expand and contract without over stressing the pipe and fittings.

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