Masoneilan Series 35002 Control Valve

Manufacturer: Masoneilan

Model Number: Masoneilan-Series-35002-Control-Valve


Masoneilan’s 35002 Series is the original ”universal” control valve, featuring a low friction eccentric plug design, providing excellent throttling control within an extremely compact assembly. The standard design includes an integral bonnet, a direct mounted actuator, and fully enclosed positioner linkage.

The Camflex II is a heavy duty automatic throttling control valve
which incorporates the following features:
Flangeless body rating is a rugged ANSI Class 600.
Heavy duty guide lugs assure quick, positive alignment
during installation.
Flanged version available 1” through 12” (25mm through
300mm) in 150 or 300 ANSI and 1” through 8” (25mm through
200mm) in 600 ANSI.
Separable Bonnet design available.
Straight through flow pattern provides greater flow capacities.
Standard integral extension bonnet allows for a wide range
of fluid temperature applications (-320F to 750F),
(-195C to 399C).
The unique self-aligning eccentric rotating plug provides tight
shut off and low dynamic forces.
A large variety of reduced trim options are available in all sizes.
The triple, over-sized bearing system provides exceptional
plug shaft guiding.
Shouldered shaft design.
Optional patented differential velocity device (DVD) separates
compressible flowstreams into a high velocity core and a low
velocity envelope flowstream. Provides up to 18dBA noise
Optional alloy constructions are available.
Powerful, low profile spring diaphragm actuator guarantees
positive fail-safe action.
Splined shaft and actuator linkages, combined with low friction
techniques, assure minimum deadband and hysteresis.
Large, highly visible valve position indicator.
Totally enclosed actuator linkage (purge option available).

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