Masoneilan Type 87/88 Actuator

Manufacturer: Masoneilan

Model Number: Masoneilan-Type-87-Type-88-Actuator


Masoneilan’s Type 87/88 pneumatic spring diaphragm actuator is a multi-spring design for use with linear stem motion valves. It features heavy-duty steel diaphragm cases, molded elastomeric rolling diaphragms, single piece yokes, and field reversibility without additional parts.

Masoneilan Type 87 direct-acting and Type 88 reverseacting
pneumatic spring diaphragm actuators are
designed to provide high performance. Their features
Field Reversible
Allows air action change with no additional parts.
Multiple Spring Design
Four standard spring types achievable by varying spring
quantity and placement.
Heavy One-Piece Yoke
Provides maximum strength and rigidity.
Diaphragm Cases
Pressed steel upper and lower cases combine lightness,
high mechanical strength, and protection in the event
of overpressurization.
Thrust Capability
Two actuator types and four sizes provide a wide range
of applications.
Molded elastomer with fabric insert for strength, long
life and high sensitivity.
The molded rolling diaphragm and deep cases minimize
area change and effects a linear relationship between
travel and air pressure.
The following specifications have been inserted to
provide technical information required to specify
Masoneilan Type 87 and Type 88 spring diaphragm actuators.

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