Badger Model 7500P Magnetic Flow Meter

Manufacturer: Badger Meters

Model Number: Badger-Model-7500P-Magnetic-Flow-Meter


The Model 7500P Magnetic flow meter combines advanced electromagnetic flow metering technology with a simple scaled pulse output capability, designed specifically for your batching application needs. This straight thru flow design with no moving parts, no pressure loss, low maintenance and high accuracy is the ideal choice for the most demanding applications. Accuracy is typically plus/minus 0.5% of reading with plus/minus 0.2% repeatability. The 7500P is available in 1/2”, 1”, 2”, 3” and 4” (DN12 - DN100) sizes with a choice of standard ANSI flanges, PTFE liner and Alloy C electrodes. Stainless steel sanitary 3A approved versions are also available.

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