With energy prices rising, it becomes important to understand the inherent average efficiency of a steam system.

Boiler Room Losses
Stack losses 21%
Blowdown losses 4%
Boiler radiation losses 3%
Total Boiler Room Losses 28%

Distribution Losses
Insulation losses 7%
Steam leaks 6%
Blowing steam traps 7%
Flash steam losses 13%
Return System losses 9%
Total Distribution Losses 42%

Total Steam System Losses 70%

These are composite average numbers for a typical steam system in average conditions. Placed in perspective, if you are spending $ 100,000 per year for boiler fuel, only about $ 30,000 of thermal work is being delivered into your product or process.

For a typical steam system, it is well within reason to expect improvements of 10-20% for small expenditures.