The following is a testimonial and success story about Walton Press located in Monroe, Georgia. We wish to thank the folks at Walton Press for allowing us to be a part of their plans to update their plant with state of the art equipment. Their goal was to be able to continue to provide the usual outstanding service their customers had grown to expect and still remain competitive in the marketplace well into the future.

They purchased a Becker Central Vacuum System from us. The equipment was shipped to them in a moving van ready for assembly and installation. Up to the time of shipment, they spent valuable time pre-piping the mains and drops to all of the various pieces of vacuum-using equipment. In the installation of the piping Ronnie Butler, Chris Harrison and Donnie Stapp took the time and expense to install vacuum gauges and isolation valves at all critical locations. They wanted to ensure that they would be able to troubleshoot vacuum system losses if necessary, determine if there were any system leaks and verify the stability of the vacuum. One of the many objectives in purchasing a central system was to get the heat and noise out of the pressroom so they began construction of a room to house the system which they made a combination supply and utility room.

Once the equipment arrived they were ready to begin setting it in place and connecting the system to the piping. They began setting the skid, pumps and receiver tank in place in the morning and were ready to make the switch from single pumps to the system by late afternoon. The whole hook-up process took less than eight hours. Thanks to their preplanning and the fact that the Becker System came to them ready to set in place they continued running the plant. There was no loss time in production.

When we asked Ronnie the benefits of the system his reply:

Replaced 25 pumps and 45 hp with 5 pumps at only 35 hp

Spare parts and inventory is much simpler with 5 identical pumps

Eliminated the heat in the plant

Decreased the noise level in the plant

Cut their energy bill

Their equipment runs far superior with the new system versus individual pumps

The system programs an alternating sequence of the pumps so that the pump maintenance has been cut in half plus they have built-in spares

The vacuum receiver tank saves wear and tear on the pumps

The Becker dry pumps are much cleaner

Again we would like to thank Ronnie, Chris and Donnie for allowing us to share their success story with you. We hope that you will give consideration to this system as YOU begin making your plans for the future.

If you are interested in determining if a system has a payback for you, we will come to your plant and do a survey of all of your equipment. That then allows us to size a system for your present and future needs. We can also give you an idea of the air conditioning and heating load which is a part of the payback scenario we provide. We certainly hope that you will give this some serious consideration as it has been a WIN-WIN decision for Walton Press.

From the preliminary printing stage, to printing, to further paper processing, up to additional facilities (such as powder dusting or UV/IR drying), Becker technology "has got the hang of it". We at Control Specialties are competent with the needs of printing and paper processing companies, which has made us an excellent special supplier. Control Specialties customers have access to an unlimited spectrum of performance: vacuum pumps and compressors in various designs such as oil-free and oil-lubricated, as a single unit or in central air supply facilities. Performance-optimized components in an operational system. Our long, superior experience in this area forms our engineering basis for this area.