Most folks recognize Burkert as a manufacturer of solenoid valves. The solenoid valve family ranges from 1/8” through 2” with offerings for water, dirty fluids, corrosive fluids, and steam. Valve styles include miniature direct acting, compact direct acting, zero differential, servo assisted, and isolated diaphragm.

Solenoid valves can be combined with a single loop PID controller which is directly mounted to the valve body to provide a single control unit. Sensors can then be connected to the valve/controller to control flow, pressure, and temperature. The controllers can be configured to provide modulating control of the solenoid valves and also feedback to other control systems.

Burkert also offers a range of air operated control valves in sizes 1/2” through 2 1/2” in both bronze and stainless steel bodies. The air actuators are offered in air to open, air to close, and double acting. Pressure ranges up to 230 psig and temperatures to 356 degrees F. Maximum steam ratings for this valve group is 140 psig.

As with the solenoid valves, a single loop PID controller can be mounted directly to the valve and actuator to make up a very compact combination unit. The controller includes options such as internal or external set point, programmable characteristics such as linear and equal percentage, and variety of input signals including frequency, PT100, and 4-20 ma; and full networking capabilities.

Both the solenoid and pneumatic based combination control valve with mounted controller are ideal for self-contained process applications. Component as well as installation costs are substantially reduced due to plug and play characteristics of the combined unit. Either type of control valve properly applied is capable of millions of cycles of operation before replacement is required.

Using the valve body as a base, Burkert also offers a complete family of sensors for flow, pH, ORP, conductivity, temperature, and pressure. Using a modular approach, all of the sensors are economically priced while providing good accuracy and value. Next time you are in the market for an instrument or valve control package, give us a call.