Last month in my article, I said if you had any questions to let me know at or 770-532-7736 and I would address your question in a future issue of our newsletter.

The question that was posed to me this month was, “Can I change the actuator on an existing valve?” That’s a great question and I am sure there are many of you wondering the same thing. This is a question that doesn’t have a cut and dried answer as each application will be different. If you need to replace your current actuator with the exact same one, then there is no problem. If you would like to “upgrade” your actuator but use the same valve then we need to investigate because actuators come in several styles, from pneumatic to electro-pneumatic, and in several sizes. In order for us to determine if your actuator can be changed we would need the following information:

Manufacturer of actuator
Model number of actuator
Serial number of actuator
Manufacturer of valve
Model number of valve
Serial number of valve
Operating conditions – pressure, temperature, median (water, steam, etc),
Signal required – 3-15psi, 4-20mA

It would also be helpful if we knew the application of the valve. Once we have the above information, we will be able to recommend the proper actuator for your application.

I hope this helps clear up some confusion on changing out actuators. Remember, the only dumb question is the one that isn’t asked! Keep the questions coming – I enjoy answering them for you! Janice Moody