Fin tube coils are commonly used to both heat and cool air for both process as well as comfort use in facilities. Common heating fluids include steam and hot water. Common cooling fluids include chilled water and refrigerants.

The coil core is made up of finned elements which are attached to tubes. Fins are offered in aluminum, copper, carbon steel, and stainless steel. Tube materials include copper, carbon steel, and stainless steel.

The core is the working part of the coil and performs the heating or cooling task. The core is surrounded by a case which is usually made of galvanized steel and is used to mount the coil in the duct.

If you are replacing an existing coil which has performed in a satisfactory manner but which is worn out, the following information is required to supply a replacement coil:

1. Case dimensions (length, width, height)
2. Tube and fin materials
3. Heating or cooling service
4. Fluid (steam, water, refrigerant)
5. Fins per inch
6. Connection sizes and locations

With this information we can provide prices and delivery for a replacement coil.

To size a new coil, information required is as follows:

1. Heating or cooling
2. Fluid (steam, water, or refrigerant)
3. Inlet and outlet temperatures
4. Air flow
5. Allowable airside pressure drop

In an ideal world, it would be nice to have all the design data for a coil and load selection. In the real world this is a luxury which is not always possible. By knowing the opening dimensions, inlet, and outlet air temperatures we can arrive at a very close approximation of all the required design data for a proper coil selection.

We offer a complete range of heat transfer equipment including coils, radiators, and all types of heat exchangers. We can also provide complete selection and application assistance on controls, valves, steam traps, and other accessories for your installation.