There are two basic types of pumps offered including motor operated and steam powered. Motor operated pumps typically cost about half the price of a steam powered pump and if properly installed can provide trouble free service. Virtually all motor driven pumps are supplied with a receiver which is too small which allows very hot condensate into the pump leading to seal failure. When selecting a motor driven pump, always oversize the receiver which eliminates this problem.

Steam powered pumps work well in areas where operation of electrical equipment presents a problem or other circumstances rule out a motor driven pump. Combination steam powered condensate pumps and traps are offered in one unit which is perfect for single use equipment. Steam powered pumps can also be integrated into waste heat recovery systems.

The best course of action is to look at both options from a price and specification perspective and then make a choice to fit your application requirements. Next time you are in the market for a condensate pump, give us a call and we will be happy to quote both options.