Your compressed air system represents a sizeable investment in both equipment as well as operating costs. For most compressors which produce about 4.3 cfm of air per compressor horsepower, use the following formula to compute compressed air costs:

(.174) x (Cost per Kwh) = (Cost per cfm of air)

To compute output for most air compressors, use the following:

(4.3) x (Compressor Horsepower) = cfm of air produced

As an example, a plant has (2) 150 horsepower compressors operating at a 50% load on each compressor. Electrical costs for the plant are $.05 per Kwh. Operation is continuous including weekends.

Air cost = (.174)x($.05) = $.0087 per cfm of air

Air made per hour = (50%)x(300 hp)x(4.3) = 645 cfm

Cost per hour = (645 cfm) x ($.0087) = .61

Cost per month = (24 hrs)x(30 days)x(.61) = ,039

Timer operated blow down valves have been sold as an inexpensive method to blow water from systems. All you are required to do is set the duration of water blow and number of times per hour. Sounds simple. Assume the day you set the times, the humidity and air temperature were moderate. After some effort on your part, you get the duration and frequency just right with no wasted air but complete elimination of the water. Then the weather changes! If temperatures and humidity rise, you have water in your compressed air system. If the temperature and humidity drop, you blow compressed air. It is impossible to set timer blow down valves for reliable operation. Virtually all timer valves are set to over blow and not allow water in the system. That scenario can cost you much wasted air and money.

As an example, assume you set a timer drain valve to blow 5 seconds every 5 minutes. By observation we see 2 seconds of water and 3 seconds of lost air. The typical capacity of a timer drain valve is 30 cfm of air at 100 psig pressure. In this example, a timer operated drain valve will cost you ,356.48 per year and represents 155,520 cubic feet of air.

Drain-all is the solution.

1. No Air Loss.

2. Easy Installation

3. 100% Reliable

4. Payback in 6 months

Replace your timer with a Drain-All 1700 and you can cut your electrical costs by a substantial amount.