You are as smart as your library! Finding unbiased, well written technical publications in the steam field can be a real challenge. Here are three books which I use frequently and are part of my library.

Boiler Plant and Distribution System Optimization Manual by Harry R. Taplin, Jr., P.E., C.E.M. A single source with all the details you will need to implement a proven, systematic approach to improving boiler plant and distribution system efficiency. This practical 328 page book offers a wealth of information to calculate, assess efficiency, analyze and optimize your boiler and steam system. Over 50 steps are offered to improve your steam system. A very valuable all round reference book.

Combustion Efficiency Tables by Harry Taplin, Jr., P.E., C.E.M. An excellent 228 page reference book dedicated to boiler operations. Topics covered include heat loss tables, boiler plant calculations, ASME/ANSI boiler test code 4.1, combustion analysis, boiler tune up, waste heat, and 93 combustion efficiency tables for natural gas, propane, kerosene, distillate number 1, oils, coal, wood, and bark.

The Steam Trap Handbook by James F. McCauley, P.E. This practical 315 page book is designed to help steam trap users achieve optimum performance from their steam systems and reduce operating costs 20% or more by controlling steam trap related loses. Every aspect of selection, sizing, application, operation and maintenance of the multitude of steam trap types is covered in clear, easy to understand terms. A full chapter is devoted to steam trap maintenance, testing, and trouble shooting in easy to understand terms.

Finding unbiased technical publications not written with a manufacturers slant or point of view are hard to find. You will find these books both very informative and a great reference for your technical library.

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Remember, you are as smart as your library.