Becker Pumps offers a complete range of industrial central vacuum systems specifically for the medical and surgical market. These systems are state of the art design.

All systems are based on the Becker rotary vane vacuum pump which is offered in both lubricated and oil-less versions. For virtually all medical/surgical applications, the oil-less pump is your best bet since there is no oil to ever change or dispose. Oil-less pumps feature carbon vanes which typically last numbers of years before requiring replacement. Vane replacement is a simple nut and bolt job requiring 20 minutes to accomplish.

Central systems are offered in two basic versions. Tank mounted simplex or duplex systems which are not expandable and built to meet your current requirements. Expandable systems are designed to meet your current requirements but also provide for future expansion with no piping changes required. All central systems are controlled by a dedicated PLC which provides for completely automatic operation of the system. A single pressure transmitter monitors system vacuum level and automatically determines how many pumps need to be in operation to meet your vacuum requirements.

Automatic Alternation

The lead and lag pumps automatically alternate on a first on-first off basis. This ensures that all pumps share the same duty cycle equally. The first pump in the system will not run until all other pumps are run which extends the service life of the pumps and extends the maintenance interval.

Modular Design

Becker expandable systems are modular, with no section wider than the opening of a standard 36" doorway on most models. Systems can be quickly expanded by adding an expansion module which includes the pump, piping, wiring harness, and accessory items. The system can be expanded while the other pumps are in operation to avoid any down time. Expandable systems are offered in models starting with two pumps and can be expanded to include up to six pumps.

All systems are designed and built to meet the current version of the NFPA 99 Health Care Facilities requirements for medical/surgical systems.

All systems are completely redundant in operation providing for complete fail safe operation. All systems include alarms to indicate a fault in operation and can also be tied to central building management systems for remote monitoring of operations.

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