Not returning condensate can cost your facility a lot of money. The conversion for steam flow to water flow is-

500 lb/hr = 1 GPM

As an example, assume you are producing 10,000 lb/hr of steam in your plant and you're getting 50% of the condensate back. You put together a program to fix blowing traps, repair failed condensate pumps, and fix condensate dumped down the drain. You wind up improving the condensate return to 85% or a 35% gain. Using our formula, 35% of 10,000 lb/hr would be added return of 3,500 lb/hr or 7 GPM.

A flow of 7 GPM is 420 GPH, 10,080 gallons per day, and 302,400 gallons per month. The fuel, water, and chemical cost of condensate is worth about $ 20.00 per 1,000 gallons so the savings in our example would be $ 6048 per month.

Annual savings in our example is 3,628,800 gallons of water and $ 72,576. Not bad for returning an extra 3,500 lb/hr! We can provide steam trap test equipment, steam trap surveys, and steam system audits if you think you have an opportunity in your facility to improve your condensate return.