Name plates on vacuum pumps can be confusing to decipher and yet they hold the key for ordering parts or a new pump. Many of the vacuum pumps in common use such as Becker and Rietschle (Werie) are of German origin. Three German words will help in the decoding process:

1. Druck = D = Pressure
2. Vakuum = V = Vacuum
3. Trochen = T = Dry

Pump capacities are measured in cubic meters per hour. With our knowledge of German now expanded to three words, lets decipher some vacuum pump name plates.

As an example using Becker, a common pump number is DVT 2.80 or DVT 3.80. The D indicates a pump capable of generating pressure. The V indicates a pump capable of generating vacuum. The T indicates a dry pump. The two or three indicate the generation of the pump with the three series being the most recent version. The 80 is the capacity of the pump in cubic meters per hour.

Rietschle (Werie) pumps require a little extra information to translate.

CL Oil Lubricated, 25-60 cubic meters per hour
DCLF Oil Lubricated, 40-130 cubic meters per hour
TR Dry Running, 10-80 cubic meters per hour
CLFT Dry Running, 60-140 cubic meters per hour

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