Do you have the following problems with drying product in your plant?

1. Wet spots on the product which leaves stains
2. Excess manual labor to clean up wet spots
3. Slower production rates
4. Excessive noise using a house air system
5. High energy costs

To achieve best drying results on products, a high speed jet of warmed air will solve all your drying problems while saving substantial electrical energy.

The key is using an air knife which will direct a high velocity blast of air on the product to strip off the water droplets. This high speed air stream is also effective at removing water droplets from areas on the product which can trap the drops.

Air knives are offered in both nickel plated aluminum as well as stainless steel. Given the nature of the application, we suggest stainless steel air knives which will hold up better in the application environment.

To provide air to the air knife, we suggest using a high speed blower which will provide a large volume of air at 2.5 psig air pressure. The blower also warms the air ~40-50 F above ambient air temperature to enhance the drying and moisture removal.

A typical Republic Blower air knife drying system will save 65% in electrical operating costs as compared to a house air system. Contact us for full application details and information.