One motor horsepower will generate 2,546 BTU/hr of heat added to your building space. One ton of air conditioning is equal to 12,000 BTU/hr. Using this information, each 4.71 HP of motors operating will consume 4.71 tons of air conditioning to eliminate the heat load.

Many industries use rotary vane pumps and blowers to generate either low pressure air or vacuum for production equipment. Typically vacuum pumps and blowers operate in the in air conditioned spaces. For the sake of an example, lets assume that you are operating five 10 HP vacuum pumps and ten 5 HP blowers in this air conditioned space. Total motor load in this example works out to 100 HP. Using our conversion information the operation of these motors will add an air conditioning load of 21.2 tons.

Operating vacuum pumps and blowers in your building space also adds noise and consumes electricity with pumps running that might not be needed to operate when production machinery is down.

The solution is to consider a Becker central vacuum system or low pressure (25 psig) compressed air system located in a remote non air conditioned space. Becker central systems use a PLC based controller which reads your plant vacuum or air pressure requirements and then automatically turns on or off vane type pumps as needed to meet your load demand. Systems can be expanded to accommodate up six pumps for maximum flexibility in about one hour by adding the new pump and a simple plug in electrical module. Central systems are offered in sizes up to 150 HP. Individual rotary vane pumps are offered in either oil-less or lubricated construction depending on your vacuum or pressure needs.

The PLC controller provide completely automatic operation of the individual pumps and also rotates the operation sequence of the pumps every 8 hours to provide for even wear of the pumps. Installation is simple and the central systems are designed to be broken down so they can pass though a standard door opening.

A Becker central system will reduce electrical consumption, noise levels, maintenance costs and air conditioning loads in your plant. Call us for a free evaluation in your plant.