It is virtually impossible to find any published information on the amount of steam blown by a failed trap. A general rule of thumb is to figure 10% of the trap condensate capacity due to the density differences between steam and water.

As an example, a 1/2" thermodynamic trap has a capacity of 810 lb/hr at 100 psig. When the trap fails, figure it will blow about 81 lb/hr of live steam. With gas costs about $ 10.00 per MBTU, steam costs translate to $ 15.00 per 1,000 lb/hr. The thermodynamic trap in our example will cost you $ 1.21 per hour or based on a 720 hour month $ 871.20!

Assume a new traps costs about $ 300. Assume overhead and installation sets you back another 0 for a total of $ 600. Payback on replacing that trap is less than one month!

Steam leaks and steam traps are both items in your plant which will payback in less than one month. Call for information on trap test equipment and steam trap surveys.