Safety and relief valves are designed to protect equipment from over pressure and failure. Some tips to insure safe operation are as follows:

1. Before installing the valve, protect it from shock and prevent dirt from getting inside the valve.

2. Mount the valve in a vertical position so that the valve body is self draining. Do not plug any bonnet vent openings.

3. Inlet piping should be as short as possible with no elbows and equal to or greater that the inlet size of the valves.

4. Discharge piping should be self draining or use a drip pan elbow. Make sure the discharge piping contains no pressure.

5. Do not support discharge piping using the safety valve as the means of support.

6. For threaded valves use small amounts of thread sealant to insure that they do not enter the valve and create leakage problems.

7. Maintain system pressure at least 5 psig or 10% below the set pressure of the valve, which ever is greater.

8. Safety valves should be checked every 12 months for proper operation.

There is a misconception that there is a LAW requiring safety valves be repaired or re-certified every year. Safety valve maintenance is typically mandated by company policy, your insurance inspector or by the state inspectors. Whatever the guidance, if a safety valve fails the end result could cost you much more than any inspection program!

Any safety valve that leaks or dribbles should be considered as FAILED.

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