Liquid Ring vacuum pumps are a good choice when handling high vapor loads, liquid slugs, and other wet processes requiring vacuum. Liquid ring pumps can operate continuously at vacuum levels as low as 30 torr.

Liquid ring pumps use a rotating ring of liquid as a sealant. The liquid ring is created by the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the impeller. This rotating ring of sealant liquid provides the means to generate vacuum in your equipment. The typical sealing liquid in many applications is water.

Liquid ring pumps are provided in size ranges from 5 to 50 horsepower. Seal water can either be once through, partially recovered, or fully recovered. Pumps of this type are most efficient when using seal water at 60 F. Higher water temperatures will affect pump capacity. A liquid ring pump using 85 F seal water will lose about 18% of its capacity as compared to operating it with 60 F seal water.

Seal water flow rates on a once through basis will range from 5 to 25 gpm. As an example, a typical 10 horsepower pump will use 7 gpm of seal water which then goes to waste. Based on 24 hours per day and 30 days per month, this works out to 302,400 gallons of water per month. Using a water cost of $ 5.00 per 1,000 gallons, water cost would be $ 1512 per month.

Depending on your application specifics, either add a water sealant recovery system or consider another style of pump.

Rotary vane pumps come in two styles, oil free and lubricated. Pumps are available in sizes up to 25 hp with dry pumps capable of 25" Hg and oil sealed pumps to 29.6" Hg. In either case, no sealing water is required. Vane style pumps are best suited for clean, dry vacuum applications. Knock out pots and other separation devices can be added to the pump system to handle limited quantities of water vapor and other materials.

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