With just a few conversion factors, you can work your way right through any steam system. Some examples to help with the math.

1BHP=34.5 lb/hr

A 300 HP boiler is capable of producing 10,350 lb/hr of steam.

1 lb/hr=1,000 btu/hr

A piece of equipment requiring 1,000,000 btu/hr would need a steam flow of 1,000 lb/hr.

500 lb/hr=1 gpm

If you had a piece of equipment which required 1,000 lb/hr of steam, it would produce a condensate flow of 2 gpm. Selection of a condensate pump would be the total of all pieces of equipment flowing to the pump.

A 300 HP boiler will evaporate 20.7 gpm of water (10,350/500). Boiler feed pumps should be sized at 1.5 times the required flow and 1.5 times the boiler feed pressure for continuous run pumps.

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