Steam systems can sometimes be a challenge to determine how well they are operating from an energy, cost, and performance point of view. Here are a few signals to help you determine how well your system is operating.

Boiler feed pumps operate in a tough environment and typically are capable of providing 3-5 years of trouble free service before requiring repairs or maybe even replacement. If you are continually battling with boiler feed pump problems, it is a symptom of either an application problem with the pump, pump style, or blowing steam traps. A deaerator should operate at 5-7 psig and a temperature of 225-227 F. Feed water pump problems or deviation from these values are a signal to a problem which can be expensive to repair and cost your facility down time.

Roof vents blowing off excess steam under pressure are almost always a symptom of blowing steam traps which will cause problems with boiler feed pumps, condensate return pumps, and waste money. A single 1/2" or 3/4" steam trap at 100 psig is easily capable of blowing $ 800 a month of fuel, water, and chemicals out a vent pipe.

Hammering and banging in steam piping is a symptom of condensate being hung up in the piping. Under mild hammering, it will cause leaks and ruin equipment. Severe hammering will lead to a major piping failure at some point and spray shrapnel, hot water, and steam at the point of rupture. Water hammer should be treated as a warning of a severe safety issue. A pipe fitter was killed last year in Georgia an another severely injured due to a water hammer explosion.

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