The average steam system, when considering all factors, is about 30% efficient. This is one of the reasons why steam locomotives disappeared about 50 years ago. With energy prices for oil, natural gas, and electricity at record levels and the real possibility of fuel curtailments this winter, you might want to consider a total review of your steam system by our company.

The review would be done by Ed Moschetti with either Amy or Janice from our office to help me. With 43 years of hands on experience in dealing with all facets of a steam and boiler plant system, savings of 15-25% are a reality without spending a large amount of money. Payback on many items is less than three months.

The review will look at the following major areas:

Boiler operations and efficiency
Fuel switching options and savings
Steam distribution system
Steam process equipment
Steam traps are sampled
Condensate return
Waste heat recovery options
Other opportunities in your steam system

For most plants, a one day on site review of all areas of the plant is combined with a brief meeting with your involved people to discuss your specific issues. We also like to review any fuel consumption information you might have along with current fuel costs. Copies of the past twelve months of gas and oil bills are perfect if available.

All the information from the site visit is then reviewed, calculations performed, and then assembled into a report mapping out a strategy based on low cost solutions with good pay back opportunities being presented first. We examine all possibilities from our site survey and present as many ideas as possible with fuel savings and estimated costs for the improvements.

Cost for the entire package ranges from 00 to 00 for most plants. Extremely large or complex facilities would be quoted on a case by case basis. Fees for the report are refunded for materials purchased with 60 days of the report. We provide this refund so your money can be put to work to make your plant more efficient and in turn we become your single source supplier for your steam needs.

We can provide a list of references of companies in a wide variety of industries. Each survey and report is custom written for your plant and not a cut and paste type report. Suggestions offered are real world and cost effective.

If you are interested in scheduling a steam system review, give us a call.