While you were reading this information on line, a 1/2" steam trap in your facility just failed and started to blow live steam. Not an earth shattering event.

With current gas costs hovering at $ 10.00 per million BTUs and using average costs for water and chemicals, your cost to produce steam is ranges from $ 15.00 per 1,000 lb/hr.

At 100 psig, a failed 1/2" trap will blow about 100 lb/hr of live steam. We will assume the trap is on a steam main which is on line all the time or 720 hours per month.

Doing a bit of conservative math (i.e. steam cost of .00 per 1,000 lb/hr), our trap which just failed will blow the following amounts of money-

$ 1.50 per hour

$ 1080 per month

$ 2160 per year

Waste 103,680 gallons of water per year

While you read this far, assume that another trap just failed and double the math. Failed steam traps will waste enormous amounts of money and resources. All steam traps have a finite life, figure five years as a reasonable number for service life. This means you can figure that up to 20% of your steam trap population can fail in any year.

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