We receive many calls from customers seeking help in trouble shooting equipment problems in steam, air, water, and vacuum systems. Many problems can be resolved by knowing the system pressures at various points.

Pressure gauges come in many sizes and accuracy capabilities with 4” gauges ranging from .00 to about .00. Increasing price provides for a more durable and accurate gauge. Accuracy is expressed as a plus or minus percentage of full scale and varies from 1/2% to 3%. Common gauge ranges go as high as 10,000 psig.

The wrong pressure gauge can cause you real problems in trouble shooting a system. As an example, a 0-200 psig gauge with an accuracy of 2% would read the actual pressure to +/- 4 psig of the actual valve. This could be a problem in many trouble shooting situations.

Pressure gauges must be protected from pressure surges, vibration, and temperature.

To protect the gauge from pressure surges, order a glycerin or silicon filled gauge. Silicon is more expensive but does not discolor with age. A snubber is a restriction fitting placed ahead of the gauge to dampen pressure surges. Snubbers are made for air, gases, steam, oils, water, and many other fluids. When ordering a snubber, specify the service on the gauge.

Siphons protect the gauge from temperature by forming a loop which isolates the gauge from excessive heat. Siphons should always be used with all steam gauges. As an example, a liquid filled gauge with snubber and siphon would be an excellent choice for a steam system application with vibration and pressure surges.

A pressure transmitter is an excellent choice in systems where changes can create problems or must be recorded. Pressure transmitters are also available in many configurations and types. In a 0.00 class pressure transmitters, look for accuracies in the 1/2% range. Pressure transmitters can better handle vibration but must be protected from pressure surges and temperature snubbers and siphons.

Pressure transmitters can be connected to chart recorders and data loggers to track and evaluate pressure changes in systems. In difficult problem situations, this maybe the only way to isolate difficulties. Multiple channel chart recorders and data loggers can also be used to coordinate and display multiple events as they occur. Chart recorders and data loggers also can provide control and alarm capabilities for your process. We carry a large selection of equipment to meet your needs