Variable speed frequency drive (VFD) pumps have become much easier to install and operate with advances in electronic miniaturization and cost reductions. Grundfos offers a full range of self contained and skid mounted VFD pumps.

VFD pumps can save you substantial utility and operating costs by matching the pump speed to the application requirement. The physics of VFD pumps state that flow will vary proportionally with frequency; head will vary by the square; and energy consumed by the cube.

As an example, reducing the speed of the pump by half will cut the flow in half, reduce the discharge pressure by 25%, and consume about 12.5% of the power used at full speed. Once the numbers settle in, recognize that in many applications which require variable needs, when the flow requirement drops in half, the energy consumed drops by about 87%!

Some common applications for pumps with variable flow requirements include boiler feed service, booster pumps, chilled water pumps, HVAC pumps, and many similar applications.

By locating a pressure sensor in the discharge of the pump and feeding a signal to a VFD controller, the pump speed is automatically reduced to meet the low demands of your specific application. Since rotational wear causes pump failures, lower operating speeds generally translate to longer pump service before repairs are required.

If lowering your electrical costs is an issue in your facility, contact us for application suggestions and an evaluation of a VFD pump.
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