If you can see vents in your plant blowing off steam and water, you either have steam trap problems or an opportunity to recover waste heat.

As an example, an 1 1/2" vent would blow off about 210 lb/hr of steam to give a visible plume. If your cost for gas is .00 per million BTU's, then the vent is costing you as follows-

,210.00 per month in steam costs

18,144 gallons of water per month

These figures are based on a 1 psig pressure drop across the vent. If the plume is straight up in the air with lots of noise, double or triple the numbers.

Blowing steam traps are the most likely cause of your problem. The 210 lb/hr vent loss be caused by just a few small traps blowing through.

Steam traps come in a wide variety of types offered by numerous manufacturers. We carry many brands of traps. Relatively low in cost, long service life, and no steam loss all combine to make this a recommended trap for you to consider next time you have steam traps to replace.