Looking to cut water consumption? A steam system can waste large amounts of water. Let us assume you have a 300 HP boiler operating at 100 psig. Using our conversions, a 300 HP boiler will produce 10,350 lb/hr of steam and evaporate 20.7 gallons per minute of feedwater for the deaerator. Assuming no leaks or condensate waste heat recovery in your system the flash loss will be 13%. Allow another 5% for blow down and water softener backwashing and the forecast loss is 18% of the boiler output. This means the water make up for your system will be 3.726 GPM. If you operate 500 hours per month, the amount of water lost is 111,780 gallons in one month.

Let us assume you have a tight system with no leaks, no blowing steam traps, condensate being dumped or other losses. Check your water softener make up flow rate and you might be surprised to find your actual losses to be 2-3 times this amount! Given the issue many facilities face with water consumption - installing condensate pumps, checking steam traps, repairing leaks and looking at other options will make you water wise and greener.

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