Lets work a problem together to use formulas to our advantage.

Heat 1,000 gallons of Water From 70 F to 200 F in one hour. We have steam at 100 psig and the condensate return is 20' overhead.

The quick formula for heating steam with water is -

Q = (GPM)/2 x (temp rise)

We'll use dimensional analysis to transform the numbers to fit our formula for heating water with steam.

1,000 gallons of water heated in one hour can be expressed as follows -

(1,000 gallons)/(60 minutes) = 16.66 GPM
temp rise = (200 F-70 F) = 130 F

Calculating -

Q = (16.66)/2 x (130) = 1,083 lb/hr

We now have the design load for the control valve and heater trap. Since we are lifting condensate overhead, we will need a condensate return pump. Use the conversion -

500 lb/hr = 1 GPM

(1,083 lb/hr)/(500 lb/hr) = 2.2 GPM

The design capacity for the condensate return pump would be 2.2 GPM. The boiler load can be calculated from -

1 BHP = 34.5 lb/hr of steam

(1,083 lb/hr)/(34.5 lb/hr) = 31.4 BHP

This installation will require an additional load from the boiler of 31.4 lb/hr. Notice how we used one formula and two conversions to calculate all the design loads. Please call if you have an application question on steam.